Monday, January 19, 2015

The letting go, Learned.

When it is time, it is time. There should be a point in our lives we must keep going forward; or we will be swallowed whole. To live beyond the grave should be every man's dream. The world is available twenty-four-seven, lying in wait of all the blinded souls. Crouching down, so low it sees what you cannot see; but to remember there is something missing at that point, we may be saved. To truly leave would mean to truly see, and trust the eyes that has Mastered it all.

Forgiveness comes to those that are blessed to be freed. To help free the guilty of their hands, shows a building character. The lack of integrity lives in all that cannot let go; when you let go, a hold looses you never knew was lurking near. For one to another, we should all be together working for Good; as we each do our purposed parts.

The world hurts, it has needs it will never be healed from; for the world cannot leave it well behind. We can leave all behind, together. Build with us, build with those that are willing to build the mountaintop. The peculiar may be few; but they are always anew. Our faith cannot simply be placed in feet that can tire, knees that can buckle, hearts that can faint, and eyes that are blinded. Our trust cannot always be laid upon man.

Sunday, January 11, 2015 Wonder is to See..

The whispers of the heart told a thousand stories
Withholding information better than imported gold
A kiss of texture of the wintry hue
Laid a matin name across the forbidden sky
Forever laden with hot wax
Emptiness takes over and resume,
to the places you once swore of never returning

The heavens open, asking why won't you take my hand?
I will make the world better
Save the broken, forgive the unlawful
The heads that was uncovered, with no protection
Give me the freedom to reign in you

As you think, ponder on the reasons of why
Everything around you must aline
Always, always, please always stay,
in the boundaries of His for sought plan.


The universe spins daily
Showing you a daily renewal is real
A forever growth is here
The battle to spew forward isn't fiction
Life hasn't swallowed you whole

Then again, what is life without questions?
What is a will that hasn't been broken?
What are the veins that flows within name?
Not what man has called them,
but their names?

A special color follows,
simple colors that were never meant to be exposed
Given in the hands of those that cannot understand

Tell the ones you love to believe
As they look up above, ask what do they see

Tell the ones that cannot go on,
their seeds need water in order to grow,
remind them the beauty of growth,
remember in order to build,
you have to believe to first see,


The Unknown

To fear the unknown,
kills belief,
the relief to be free.

Anxiety comes in the form of panic,
giving you the impression,
it's here to last forever.

Passion exceeds it all,
the built up emotions of you,
to triumph in all dignity.

We must survive,
for generations to come,
there has to be a lead way.

An allay that will open up,
show you the path that will awaken your inner being,
to rise up and give life your all.

Say, I am here to stay,
until it is my time to depart.

Anticipate what's next,
anticipate the climb.