Thursday, September 11, 2014

the Journey continues. // SGB

You never know what to expect, when you make the decision to embark on the journey of change and purpose. While on this walk, I have outgrown all that I once thought was for me. "Kp'da Truth," and all that followed behind the name, is contrast to my current path and destination. Since my youth, all I wanted to do was help others, fight evil, and make a difference for those that seek to find the Light. Throughout my lifetime however, I faced what seemed to be, unbearable challenges to overcome. During the battle of tug of war, I lost myself, and spent years trying to find my way back Home. Music became my escape, and during that addiction, this "drug" induced passion began. This I must apologize for, because in my ignorance, I helped spread the disease that poisons and taints the mind, spirit, heart, soul and lives of so many of you. I would be a hypocrite in denial, if I continued to feed you with what my hands have touched, and still called myself the "Truth." I take, and have taken, full responsibility and accountability for all that I have, and will do, even if you may not see nor understand the surface, or depths of the affects something's may bring.

Deeper than what you perceive.

I am still on my journey of growth, change, and purpose. You all are more than welcomed to continue on with me, in becoming the difference. There's no such thing as making someone or something better, if you are a part of the problem itself. So I say to you, take a step outside of the box, if you really want change, and become change. Thank you, to all that have supported me as "Kp'da Truth," but I must say goodbye to the old, to prepare and usher in the new. I will be returning as myself (SGB), took me awhile to find her again, and am more than grateful to be able to finally stand and present myself, as I am. The greatest person I will ever be, is myself, wouldn't be real if I wasn't.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

the Beginning. // SGB

I would like to officially announce my departure from this world. Didn't expect for anybody to listen, download, show love, share, nor feel me when I first began. Thank you to each and every last one of you who took the time in some way to do any of the above, openly & secretly. In 2010, while sitting in my hotel room at the time, I decided to upload my first video, although knowing it would most likely be unpleasant to listen to. Truth is, I had no skills, experience, knowledge, equipment, nor anyone to teach me. All I had was a feeling and sound that followed me throughout my years in Texas, which eventually became a passion. Bittersweet looking back on everything, even more so, since I've spent 4 years learning and building all that you've heard and seen of "Kp'da Truth." I am closing this book, not as a way to say goodbye, but to say I'm starting anew. This journey will never stop. Growth is something that's ongoing, especially if you hunger and thirst for it, daily. If I'm going to speak about "Change" and being the "Difference," I must become and live the words my mouth will speak, and have spoken. Hypocrisy is distasteful, I despise deception, loathe confusion, and kill the lies with Truth. The path chosen requires separation from this world of death, destruction and chaos. Won't allow my heart, mind, body, spirit and soul to be tainted, nor the allowance of attempted derailment(s). I will be returning again, but not as I once was.

To those that feel as if there's no way out, keep the faith and know that there's someone on the outside interceding and looking out for you. I stopped believing, until I found The Truth and The Light for myself and gained understanding. I always felt there was more than what was taught and shown, so I took the steps to find what was missing. As long as the Lord continues to show me, I will continuously show the Real to the People for the rest of my days.


The Holy Bible: KJV

John 14
Hebrews 11
Psalms 37
2 Corinthians 6

More to come, stay tuned. // Rebuilding.


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